In the south of France, between Albi and Millau in the district of the Aveyron is located "Albugue". It is situated in the “Parc Regional des Grands Causses”, a splendid nature reserve in the south of France. Built on the southern slope of a hill, it is warmed by the sun, protected from wind and surrounded by green forests and fields. The panorama over valleys and hills is absolutely spectacular.

Grouped around two courtyards are five slate-roofed houses with thick stone walls. Arched gateways, stone steps, and surprising views give the place not only a romantic but also a playful character.

About us

We, Michel and Yvonne Bodt, have lived here with our four children since 1982. Twenty-five years ago we fell hopelessly in love with Albugue, which then was a ruin overgrown with bramble bushes.

We have since then tried to give shape and meaning to this very special, splendid spot on earth. A lot of stones had to be heaved in order to rebuild the houses in the old, traditional style and to turn Albugue into what it is now: a real paradise for us as well as our guests. Around our homestead we own 45 acres of forest and fields, including a large vegetable garden. We have sheep, bees,, a dog and a couple of cats.