Via Clermont-Ferrand/Millau


On the Paris ring road follow the signs Bordeaux. On the A10 south of Paris take the A71 to Orléans, Vierzon, Bourges and Clermont-Ferrand. Having passed Clermont-Ferrand the name changes into A75. Go on to Millau and cross the Tarn Valley on the hightest crossover of the world (280m) for €6.50 only.

Get off the highway at the first sign for St Rome de Cernon and follow the D999 to St Affrique and on to St Sernin.

Having passed St Sernin turn right on the D33 up to 2 kilometres past the village of Plaisance. There turn left on the D555 and keep going till you reach Solages. In that hamlet look out for a sign for the village of Brasc. Here the road turns right and climbs steeply up the hill.

Follow the road and find Albugue at the fifth turning on your right.

Detailed Michelin map number 80